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New York Plumbing

New York plumbing services are among the most sought-after services within this Tri-state area and, incidentally, plumbing and pizza, are the main urban culture icons in this state, home to the Mario Bros, if you remember the famous Nintendo game portraying Mario and Luigi Mario, two Italian-American plumbers living and working in Brooklyn. By contrast, plumbing in this city is an activity boosting a real historical context. The Master Plumbers Council of the City of New York (NYCMPC) is one of the oldest professional trade associations in America. Founded in 1889, this association supports the activities of licensed master plumbers in the New York City area, as well as those of their affiliates, providing also education in safe installation practices to make their members some of the best plumbers in the nation.

Even though New York Plumbing services as a whole, must not be confused with the NYPHC (New York Plumbing Heating Cooling) Corp. This is a family-owned company established in 1937 and considered to be as the largest plumbing, heating and cooling company’s serving this industry. Although, the NYPHC can serve as reference to cite one of the many New York plumbing companies, yet, this one in particular is more oriented to corporate and 500 fortune projects, in contraposition to others offering not just commercial or industrial, but residential services too.

New York Plumbing Facts

As of 2011, New York City had an estimated population of 8,244,910 inhabitants out of 19,465,197 in total that live in this state by the same name. Thirty tree percent of the population in the 2006-2010 period were home owners, and there were 3,047,249 households in the city within the same period. With this figures in hand, undoubtedly New York plumbing industry has to flourish.

What New York Plumbing Stats Says

Now, let us move on directly to the plumbing heating, and air-conditioning companies and contractors in New York to better understand why plumbing is so important in the economy of the New York State based on a 1997 returning

  • 5,234 establishments
  • 5,371,392 value of business done ($1,000)
  • 6.07 value of business done % of U.S.
  • 1,525,713 annual payroll ($1,000)
  • 42,540 paid employees

This reports includes all the companies engaged in selling, installing or serving plumbing, heating and air-conditioning systems and equipments, but does not include repairing services.

New York's Historical Plumbing Census

By 1990, 99.9% of all American homes had complete plumbing, this is, households with a flushing toilet, cold and hot piped water, and a shower or bathing tub. Contrary to this percentage, the census of 1940, when 50% households lacked plumbing facilities.

In New York state, there were 7,159,544 households with complete plumbing facilities, and 67,347 lacking any plumbing facilities at the time of the last census of the 20th century. This means that 99.1% of the state inhabitants had complete plumbing facilities and the need to hire a plumber for all of their installation and repairing needs, making plumbing one of the most profitable business today.

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